Charles J. Andrew Youth &
Family Treatment Centre
Charles J. Andrew Youth Treatment Centre
Clinical Program
In 2014 CJAYTC held the first successful 6-weeks live-in family healing program. This program accommodates 2-3 families with up to 10 participants.

In 2015 CJAYTC piloted a 7 week program which transitioned to an 8 week program in July of 2018.

The Clinical Program addresses:

  • Impacts of intergenerational trauma, healthy parenting skills, etc.
  • Alcohol and substance abuse, including impacts on family
  • Sexual, physical and emotional abuse
The Clinical Program takes a multi-disciplinary approach and includes:

  • Detoxing, with sweat lodge, traditional medicines and elder care
  • Individual and family assessments and counseling
  • Professional referrals and consultations
  • Aftercare, community and land-based support plan
In this Program families learn:

  • About healthy relationships, how to reconnect and support each other in recovery
  • Values and virtues
  • Parenting skills, including talking, bonding and discipline
  • Managing emotions (e.g. grief & anger)
  • Stress and coping
The Program strengthens family life through:

  • Health and wellness education
  • Life skills such as budgeting, shopping and cooking healthy foods
  • Healthy leisure and recreation choices
  • Employment and education planning
  • FASD education
Supporting families reuniting:

  • The Family Program gives parents an opportunity to work towards regaining custody of their children who are in care

  • Families who have children in care have been able to spend the 8 week program with their children at CJAYTC.

  • Providing the opportunity for families with children placed in foster homes in Sheshatshiu, North West River or Happy Valley Goose Bay to have visitation with children, and in most cases overnight visits.

  • Siblings have been given the opportunity to meet each other, and spend quality time together.