Charles J. Andrew Youth &
Family Treatment Centre
Charles J. Andrew Youth Treatment Centre
Other programs offered by CJAYTC include:

  • Day program and counselling services for youth and families
  • Community outreach and education services
  • Early intervention program with local schools
Outreach Program
CJAYTC provides outreach to youth and families dealing with substance abuse and addictions issues in the communities in its service area. This includes doing preventative public education on substance abuse, as well as coordinating safe youth activities.

The Client Care Coordinator also coordinate follow-up support and services for youth who have participated in the Centre's treatment program, as well as reaching new potential clients.
Anti drug Strategy (Client Care Coordinator)
Care facilitation is coordination between a wide range of services that supports individuals and families after they graduate or not graduate from our 8 week family program. It is to assist individuals and families in their healing journey.

We held 2 care facilitation workshops (2 days) in the past 2 years for referral communities to understand what care facilitation is and the benefits for optimal client care. We had First Nations and Inuit attend the workshops from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

As a part of program we offer pre-treatment services to help the client(s) prepare for their 8 week stay.

We have developed an aftercare and follow up plan to better serve our clients after they finish the family program.

We offer a support group once a week for former clients who live in the local area.