Charles J. Andrew Youth &
Family Treatment Centre
Charles J. Andrew Youth Treatment Centre
How to Apply
Referrals are accepted for First Nation/Inuit Families by either self referral or any of the following agencies.

  • Parents
  • Teacher or School Administrator
  • Doctor
  • Local Police or First Nations Constable
  • Community Worker
  • Priest, Chaplin, Church Leader or Spiritual Leader
  • Health Worker
Intake Procedures
The procedure includes:

  • Assessment Questionnaire
  • Medical Assessment
  • Nutshimit Liability Waiver
  • Liability Waiver
  • Consent to Medical Treatment
  • Education Consent

Confirmation of space will only be made upon receipt of all referral forms.

If the family changes their mind about treatment, please telephone Charles J. Andrew Youth Treatment Centre as soon as possible.

Families who have submitted referral forms are not necessarily guaranteed acceptance. Confirmation of acceptance into the program will be made by telephone and letter from the client care coordinator.
Waiting Lists
We do currently have a waiting list. This waiting list is monitored by our Clinical Program Manager, however, the selection of future clients is determined by an Intake Committee, the intake committee considers the following factors upon the selection of future clients:

  • Ages
  • Medicals – we need to know if there are any conditions/restrictions that may prevent them from full participation in the program (clinical & Nutshimit (land-base) – this information would need to come from someone in the medical profession
  • Number of bed available (10 beds),
  • Number of children under the age of 5 due to client/staff ratios
  • Family dynamics
  • We like to have a general mix of communities – this also depends on the number of applications we receive from First Nations and Inuit communities
  • Where they are in their journey
  • Previous treatment and what they have done on their own
  • Do the referral agency or other sources support their readiness for family treatment?