Charles J. Andrew Youth &
Family Treatment Centre
Charles J. Andrew Youth Treatment Centre
Participants Feedback
Program participants report that they now...

  • Have a better life and more control over it
  • Spend more time on the land
  • Practice more traditional ways
  • Have a better relationships within family
What participants have said:

  • The family program here at the Charles J Andrew Treatment Centre is better than other treatment centre's I attended.

  • Thank you for accepting us. This means so much to our family! Thank you God!

  • My son has real good male role models here at the centre.

  • Thank you for helping with my housing application.

  • Thank you for arranging my visits with my children.

  • Thank you helping me with my college application.
Signs of success:

  • Parents are regaining custody of children in care after completing the program
  • Programs are full and waiting list keeps growing