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Land-Based Program (Nutshimit)
Why a Land-Based Program (Nutshimit)?

  • Research shows culture is healing
  • Traditional culture such as hunting connects spiritual beliefs, values, family and community
  • Culture nurtures self-esteem, and a sense of identity
  • Keeps self-destructive feelings away
What the Land-Based Program (Nutshimit) does:

  • Draws on Innu, Inuit and First Nations natural healing and connection with the land and sea
  • Provides a safe, caring and comfortable environment to heal
  • Teaches responsibility, traditional values and beliefs
  • Teaches self-sufficiency and survival skills
  • Explores opportunities to live well as an Aboriginal person
  • Calms families, especially anxious children like those with ADHD
  • Nurtures a sense of belonging and purpose in life
Skills learned in the Land-Based Program (Nutshimit):

  • Hunting and fishing
  • Canoeing and snowmobiling
  • Hiking and snowshoeing
  • Berry-picking
  • Preparing traditional and healthy foods
  • Pitching a tent
  • Traditional crafts
  • Building a lean-to
The Land-Based Program (Nutshimit) also includes:

  • Storytelling and sharing circles
  • Spiritual rituals such as sweats and Kudlik lighting
  • Families sharing their own cultures
  • Learning respect for the land, animals, fish, birds and plants