Charles J. Andrew Youth &
Family Treatment Centre
Charles J. Andrew Youth Treatment Centre. Insert photos: Family Unit and Cabin.
Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan
This report provides a summary of a strategic planning session held with available staff at the Charles J Andrew Youth (CJAY) Treatment Centre, Sheshatshiu on January 4, 2019.

The purpose of the session was to:

  1. Identify CJAY strengths, challenges and wishes for the future
  2. Create a vision statement and review and, if necessary, revise the mission statement
  3. Set goals and strategic priorities for the next 3 years

Findings for this session have been compiled in this report, including a graphic recording and a 1-page overview plan-at-a-glance. The session agenda is included as Appendix 1.

» CJAYTC Strategic Plan Jan 2019 (PDF)